PIE Lexicon Project

Prof. Juha Janhunen is the Principal Investigator (PI) of the PIE Lexicon Project, the generative etymological dictionary of Indo-European languages to begin to appear in the address pielexicon.hum.helsinki.fi.

In PIE Lexicon Pilot 1.0, the opening phase of the project, the tasks were distributed and accomplished as follows:

Dr. Jouna Pyysalo acted as the Principal Investigator (PI) of the project, and was responsible for the management of the Indo-European data, translating the Indo-European sound laws into Foma and providing their chronological order.

Prof. Måns Hulden was responsible for foma and its extensions which perform the calculations of the relevant sound changes, as well as consulting regarding the technical formulation of sound laws.

Mr. Mika Järvinen was responsible for the web design, its coding and data handling.

Mr. Aleksi Sahala was responsible for finishing the foma-scripts and providing technical support for fonts and other practical issues.